Done by Mary and Velvet


Florinda, Hellena and Don Pedro’s sister. A Noblewoman since Don Pedro is a Noble. Caught in a fix as her fathers wants her to marry a rich but old man, Don Vincentio, while her brother wants her to marry his friend Don Antonio, but her heart truly belongs to Belvile, an English colonel her brother brings home one day who apparently “threw himslef to all dangers to save (her) honour” (p161)

Hellena. Her family wants her to be a nun for some reason, but she is against it (“And dost thou ever think that I’ll ever be a nun?” p159)

Angellica Bianca, an expensive prostitute or a courtesan, that everyone wants to get with.

Lucetta. a cheap prostitute or whore who tricks Blunt into falling for her but then stealing all of Blunt’s money and even clothes.


Willmore (The Rover). An English sailor.

Belville, an English colonel. In love with Florinda, as we are first told in Act 1 Scene 2, as he is conversing with Frederick and Blunt about it.

Blunt. See Lucetta.

Don Pedro, Florinda and Hellena’s brother.

Don Antonio, DP’s friend.

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