Done by Mary and Velvet

Questions for discussion

What does it say about disguise and freedom? Also, is too much freedom a bad thing? Where does it show in the play?

Why did Hellena choose to disguise herself as a man rather than a “public woman”, etc?

Conversely, why did Florinda not choose a male disguise?

Any examples of women/men being placed in dangerous situations because of the mask?

So does it mean that the language used by Angellica or Lucetta is about equivalent standards to that of Florinda’s?

Why is the boundary distinguishing a fair maiden from a harlot so ill-defined?

Is there any parallel to this viewpoint with the fact that the play was revived about a 100 years later?

Are there any differences in values and morality with contemporary world?

How can we read the attempted rape of Florinda? Do you think it was appropriate that not one, but two attempted rapes are included in the play, which is supposed to be a comedy? Is rape taken too lightly?

What do you make of the ending? Is it a happy ending? Or would you sympathize with Angellica, the hooker with a heart of gold, whose heart gets broken, and say that it is not a completely happy ending?

Did you like the love stories in the play? Were they too unbelievable? Did you prefer Florida and Belvile’s or Hellena and Willmore’s?

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  1. Nisha and Michelle: It’s interesting that Helena dresses up as a man.
    Punitha: Hellena needed a frontier of a man so she can speak freely.
    Hellena is younger but can evades trouble.
    The Rover is set in the past
    (when the Royalists)
    even when she’s in the private sphere – she’s free and fast with her language (is it a biological or social thing)
    primitive Restoration character
    Angellica sets herself up as a superstar

    why would a woman even try to dress up as a man?

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