Done by Mary and Velvet

Restoration Era

Hey guys! Mariam here.

As you may know, this is not the first time we’ve done Restoration Era texts (we did “The Country Wife” & “Moll Flanders”). I’m just going to give a little background so that you can locate your understanding and reading of “The Rover”.

Some of you might enjoy these texts a bit more than the others because they’re just so deliciously naughty!

Indeed, the Restoration era is notorious for its sexual explicitness, a quality encouraged by Charles II (1660–1685) personally and by the rakish aristocratic ethos of his court.

Charles II

The socially diverse audiences included both aristocrats, their servants and hangers-on, and a substantial middle-class segment. These playgoers were attracted to the comedies by up-to-the-minute topical writing, by crowded and bustling plots, by the introduction of the first professional actresses, and by the rise of the first celebrity actors. This period also saw the first professional woman playwright, our very own Aphra Behn! (:

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